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Help with braking problem on 1995 Legacy L

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Well, lets start this off. I've had this car for about 2 years, it has around 221,000 miles on it (yes, I realize thats a lot).


The brakes worked well for the first year, all through the winter etc... I let it sit over the summer because I drive my WRX during the summer, but driving the Legacy off and on every few weeks. Towards the end of the summer the braking power started deteriorating, so I brought it to a shop. They replaced a caliper saying the old one was seized up, and all the pads for 70 bucks. The brakes felt good for a while, then about a month and a half later when it was full blow winter the brakes went completely down the drain and the pedal goes all the way to the floor.


You can pump the pedal once and then the brakes work well, but I'd like them to work without having to do that. There is also a grinding/scraping noise that comes from the front right when I apply the brakes that sounds like I have a rock stuck in the pad.


The fluid reservoir is full and none of the lines are leaking. The pads look pretty much brand new as well. Anyone have any ideas what it might be?

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Hi i am looking to get some advice about my legacy's. I have a 94 and a 95 both right hand drives. Both are making noise in the front end. When hitting bumps or braking it makes a clunking noise like something is hitting the floor.Not sure if it is lower control arm bushings or what. Can anyone help me. Thank you for any advise
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