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Misbehaving subaru outback 1997

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I have a Subaru outback BG9 which is giving me hell.The ignition coil is producing sparks on 1-2 but 3-4 has nothing!The ignition coil and igniter have been replaced but the problem is still there!Another thing is when i connect the green test cables under the steering wheel,a code is being generated....31 which is throttle sensor and i has been tested to be ok!What could be the problem?

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the 97 is obd2 and you cannot blink the codes with the test connectors.

drive to a parts store and they will read the code for free.


the coil or igniter are the likely cause if the miss fire,

if it is front vs. rear as you say.

if you are 100% sure the replacements are in good working order i would look for wire damage.

you can test the coil, resistance i think, but i don't know the details.


are you sure it is a spark problem.?

can you get it to start.

they run pretty good on 3 cylinders,

not sure about 2.


have the codes read.

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