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question about putting an 08 MOMO steering wheel into my 2.5i

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Hey guys, just a quick inquiry. I found a MOMO steering wheel off an 08 3.0R on ebay for only 70 bucks. I'm tempted to make the purchase but I just want to know if I can configure it to work in my 2.5i. I'm aware the 2.5i steering wheel does not have volume control but would it be possible to still set that up with maybe some extra wiring? Also, the steering wheel has paddle shifters since it's from a 5EAT 3.0R, I do not plan on using those so would it be possible to remove them cleanly?


also, the one for sale does not appear to have the front covering (with the subaru badge on it) so does that mean it also does not have an airbag? is that possible to switch over from my 2.5i wheel?


Thanks for any input, I'm really sick of the rubber steering wheel in my 09 2.5i... it's a POS

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