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License plate light flickering


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Corrosion at the contact points of where the bulb sits in the clips. Sorry, but to check this you are going to have to at least pull a few trim clips. You don't have to take the full liner out, just enough so that you can gain access. I had the same issue with my car in the same place and it ended up being some white corrosion on the contact points - I scrubbed the residue off with a small metal brush and haven't had any issues since. Thinking back a bit more I also had the same issue with an interior light that wasn't completely seated in the clips. It could also be that one of the clips that serves as a contact point was bent at some point in time by someone that forced a bulb in at an awkward angle.
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I just had this same thing happen. I have diode dynamic stage 2 plate lights aswell.


Simple fix.

-Pull the flickering light out.

-Look on the white insert end of LED light.

-Flex the two wires so that they stand off of the white plastic at a 45° angle.

- Stick it back in.

- test it by knocking on the trunk, to see if it still flickers.


Do this with the power on so you can easily tell if you are still having issues.


Might have to keep moving the wires to slightly different positions to make it work. But you will find a sweet spot that gives it the best contact.


I had to go through this whole process with just about every LED bulb that I installed that has those flat plugs. All would flicker. Did this song and dance to fix it. Havnt had any flickering since.


Hope its this simple for your situation.

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I had the same problem.


First time it was because I tried to rush and broke the LED contact. It made it loose. When I replaced it with 5MW ones, it happened again and it was from the wires being loose from me rushing the first time, i guess it loosened the plug. I electrical taped the plug, wire and bulb into the socket and it is fine now


I tried to go thru the front but was afraid of scratching up my paint so i went thru the trunk liner method. Definitely requires alot of finess. I got really frustrated during my install because it is such an awkward angle. If I had the tools or confident i wouldnt scratch up my trunk, I wouldve definitely went thru the outside

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I dropped the bulb in the trunk...like between the license plate molding and the metal framework. Scratched my hand up trying to reach it, went to the hardware store and bought a flexible lighted screw grabber. Wouldn't fit. Tried shaking the trunk and driving up and down steep hills. Couldn't get it and gave up in frustration, then when I opened up my trunk a few hours later it was laying right there...I was so mad. lol
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