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Vacuum build up in tank

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Legacy 2001 GT 2.0




I just bought this car and yesterday I went to refill tank. I started opening tank and sudenly a bunch of air rushed in tank. There was a seriuosly lot of vacuum in side the tank. How can this happen. Something must be cloged but I do not know that much about this secific car. IT is my first Subaru.



Could you diagnose what could be wrong.

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The car is actually designed to do this. I don't know when that started, but it is part of emissions. Back in 2002 working at a dealership, I remember we'd get calls all the time that the Check Engine Light was on in their brand new car. Because they didn't screw the cap on tight and create a seal.


Nothing is wrong. Don't worry about it and know that's how it was designed.

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