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$10 tablet / phone mount


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Been thinking about this for a while and just decided to do it. I wanted an easy way to mount my tablet which I most typically use for Waze navigation. I also use it for streaming audio through bluetooth (I did a writeup on that install) and occasionally Torque for gauges (I have a bluetooth obd2 module that is always plugged in), etc. I decided against a permanent mount in the cubby like some have done because I didn't want to dedicate a tablet to the car and it will take a fair amount of work to make it look oem.


I was looking at different mounts available for tablets and phones and I was particularly interested [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Cradle-less-Quick-snap-Technology-Smartphone-Windshield/dp/B008IOQ3K6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391914298&sr=8-1&keywords=imagnet]at a product called iMagnet[/ame]. It uses a mount that suctions to the dash and a magnet that securely attaches the phone, which has a thin piece of metal adhered to the back. It looked pretty slick but the one big enough for a tablet was about $50 and I wasn't thrilled with a suction dash mount. So I decided to make my own.


Materials consists of a $2 magnetic hook from Lowes, which I unscrewed the hook from leaving just the magnet, and an $8 2" hole saw. Also, a large washer that I had laying around that I taped to the back of my tablet.


It works perfect. Super easy to attach and remove in any orientation, doesn't move around with bumpy roads so far, perfect area to mount, doesn't get in the way of radio controls, and if you are careful how you do this it keeps the cubby fully functional. I plan to paint it black because the white circle that covers the magnet side is a bit much to look at when nothing is covering it. I may just plasti-dip the whole cubby door.


Magnets do not harm phones, tablets, or memory cards. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. Enjoy.











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The cubby door is two layers. After drilling through the outside layer, I laid down a ton of hot glue in the interior space. It isn't going to move. A plastic epoxy would work too (probably better), but I would tape around the hole so that you don't drip on the door.
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I'm always curious at what strength and location will a magnet wipe out things...? I guess things meaning.. non solid state hard drives, credit cards.. etc.


I throw in some cards in my cubby.. guess the chance you'd put your wallet up to the magnet would be low.


Would the magnetic field mess up GPS in some reason? I find that in my mini-van Waze does NOT want to work in the cupholder, but everwhere else in the van..

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I've thought about that. I rarely ever put my wallet in there, I usually put it in the console cup holder area if it isn't in my pocket or laptop bag. But I would be careful not to put my wallet up to that spot. I did notice though that the opposite side of the magnet showed very little magnetism so I think the inside of the cubby should be fine to put whatever you want in it. I'll have to see if I can get anything metallic to stick on the inside of the door.


I also just got my new tablet delivered yeseterday. LG G Pad 8.3", now flashed with Cyanogenmod :) Open box item on Newegg - great deal. It's slightly bigger than my old Galaxy 2 7", but the mount is solidly holding it in place. I just need to find a nicer looking way to attach the metal piece to the back of the tablet. Right now I have some red packing tape holding a large washer! Pretty ugly, though it's on the back.


Edit: Regarding GPS, I use Waze on my tablet and it works fine using this mount.

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