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Replacing catted uppipe with catless.. Does it still pass smog in California

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Have any of you guys in California replaced the catted uppipe with a catless uppipe and had any problems passing smog?


Does the car need to have the tune changed if the uppipe is replaced?


I'm not trying to make more power, just increase reliability by getting rid of the catted uppipe if possible. I don't want it to destroy the turbo.


If I get improved throttle response.. even better.

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If you use a catless from a 07 ( I did), I can't imagine any inspector being able to tell the difference. Aftermarket is a different story. Shouldn't need a tune, do a stage 1 tune anyway it's better than stock!
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Did you change the tune on the car? Or is it still stock?

Any difference in throttle response? Which brand did you install?

Thanks for the feedback.


No, I left my stage two tune on the car. I just drove super mellow (stayed out of boost) on the way to the smog shop and the way back home. No problems passing.


You got this in the bag. ;)

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