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Air suspension/Compressor problem


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Hello! I have an annoying problem with my 1996 Legacy. The car broke down while it was parked. The air suspension has collapsed around the car. When I start the car the "Height" indicator is flashing rapidly sometimes and sometimes not. The compressor doesnt run when I start the car so its like riding a lowered tractor.


I'm completely ignorant when it comes to cars but with the help of my dad we have checked all the fuses (both fuse compartments) but no fuses were broken. Then I tried to disconnect the cars battery but it didnt work.


One thing I havent tried (if its even possible) is that I put some kind of alcohol in the system so the air wont freeze (and create condensation). I got that tip from my dads friend but the problem was there right before the cold was here.


So basically im wandering in the darkness and have no clue on what to do.


I have checked this forum and on google but didnt find anything that was helpful.




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