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P0340 opinions please

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Hey everyone, I've been hiding on here for a couple months now so it's time to introduce myself and ask for some opinions from some of the members on here.


I have had a couple WRX's, an STi, multiple 2.5 NA subarus and even a couple Justys. I am not new to the game just new here.


I came a crossed my 2005 LGT 5MT sedan (Garnett red) for sale a couple hours away for 3200$ Canadian. It was a steal with only 165'000 km however it did need a clutch.


I did the clutch back around Christmas time and I have been driving it since, what a completely different car comparing to an impreza!


So last weekend I decided it was time to tackle the timing belt being that it was near do and I didn't want to do an engine job.


My local dealer are far from easy to deal with, however I have a family member who works an hour or so away. I decided not to wait having a trip coming up and I put on a dayco timing belt as I couldn't wait for one to come in at the dealer and have used them on many other Subarus from my own Wrx to Foresters.


Everything went smooth I followed the thread on here used vice grips etc, I have since out 1800km on the car with no CEL or issues, my girlfriend and I went skating tonight and when I went to leave the house the car started fine, I drive to Canadian tire to get my skates sharpened. Go to leave (car warmed up) it rolled over and over and over and wouldn't go, I gave it gas it rolled a couple times and started up, it through a code but was running fine so away we went. We left the rink about 1.5 hours later the car was cool at this point and it started right up. After we got home I checked the code and pulled p0340, cam sensor code, now that the car is warmed up again it is starting hard.


My first thought is that perhaps my car has jumped a tooth on one of the gears and that's why I am getting a code and the hard warm start ups, I cleared the code and went for a drive, the code won't come back on and I notice no difference in power.


Obviously I don't want to drive it and risk damage, it is only a toy and I have a company truck so it is not essential that I drive it but I prefer to if I am not at work requiring the truck as it's litterally 3 times better on fuel then my truck is.


The code did not come on again after the reset, if my timing had jumped I would expect a lumpy or choppy idle and I would expect the code to come right back on but this is not the case.


So what do you guys think should I go through the trouble to disassemble the covers and check it over or should I be looking at getting a cam sensor for it?


I didn't do the tensioner while apart, I've always had good results re using them and to be honest I am young with a new home and a new baby so didn't want to replace a dozen things that didn't need to be done, all tensioner and pulleys were in great condition and show no signs of belts slipping from water pump failure.


Thanks for the help, and I'm sorry for writing my life story

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I triple checked myself and it was starting fine when warm, the warm starting issue was what lead me to believe my timing was off, which just begun, couldn't hurt to take the covers back off and double check. Just a pain in the butt
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