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1999 subaru legacy sus

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Well about a year ago I picked up a 1999 Subaru legacy sus for a project to make a really nice street car so I want to put nice coilovers on it but cant find any for it was wondering if legacy coilovers would work sense it came stock with outback struts would legacy coilovers fit or would it need to be outback coilovers and what other parts are interchangeable so I can fix it up




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Welcome to the site and glad you could join us. Always like to see a good condition SUS.


Moved this into the 2nd gen sub-forums where you'll likely find (and get) a lot of good feedback and info.


Again, welcome.

- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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I have 2005 impreza struts with Tein H techs that will be replacing


2003 WRX KYB AGX struts with gruond control coilover sleeves that developed a clunk.


Most any Subaru suspension will fit within the 95 - 2005 ish range

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