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Fuel Smell in Cabin?!

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Ive never experienced anything like this before:confused:, I have on 05 Legacy GT Sedan, UP, DP, Cobb 91 Stage 2 Tune,


I live in new jersey, we recently had a snowstorm 2 days ago dishing out 12"+ of Snow, And Its been around 5-20 degrees lately, SO yesterday My boss drove my car into work so i could use his truck, On his way into work he filled my car up with Regular 87 Octane Gasoline(I was nearing Empty 1/8 full), Ive never put anything but 93 Octane in my car, Coincidentally the next day(TODAY) while driving my car at low speeds i noticed a strong gas smell inside the cabin, i first ignored it assuming it was a passing car. I stopped by my house for 5 minutes, left my car running (with the heat on) in my driveway, when i came back to the car i noticed a slight gas smell from the front of the car while walking by, i entered the car and the smell was rather strong, now at every red light, with heat on the smell begins to build up in my car.


I have searched the threads pretty thoroughly looking for anyone with the same problem, but everyone else seems to be experiencing it differently, not doubting one of there solutions could resolve my issue but i would like to see if anyone has had the exact same or similar problem, and how they resolved it.


Sorry For the Long Post just trying to give as much background as possible!




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It doesn't take much fuel to make a lot of smell. on mine it only did it when it was sub 20 degrees so don't bother looking unless its at least that cold. Usually appears as some slight wetness on the metal tubing where the rubber hose emerges from under the manifold.


check out Max's photos at the end of this thread:


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i just looked all over couldn't find any leaks drips or anything! :confused:


You may not. Fuel evaporates readily, especially in a hot engine bay. I didn't have much visual evidence to go off of either. Most folks just need to tighten the clamps. I replaced the line and put new worm clamps on instead of the factory ones that the knucklehead in the assembly line put on upside down.


I removed the whole bracket holding both the AC Comp and Alt and sat it aside. That gave me a lot more room to work though the line was a pain to get on.


Check over those threads, especially the one's from MaxCapacity. He took great shots and has the issue well documented. This just happens when it gets wicked cold out.



Updated parts list since original part-out here.


Original Full part-out of my LGT HERE!

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you use this type of plier:

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/BikeMaster-Safety-Pliers-Stainless-340488R/dp/B000WJ3LMS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1390515048&sr=8-2&keywords=safety+wire+pliers]BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers with 25ft. Stainless Wire 340488R : Amazon.com : Automotive[/ame]


to cinch up the hose. Its how most motorcycles and small aircraft mechanics secure hoses. its what Max did at the end of that thread I posted.


Pretty awesome and versatile tool. works great for securing heat wrap too.

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As others have said, mine was at the small rubber elbow behind the alternator and under the plastic intake manifold.


I fixed it tonight. Basically, the hose clamp was upside down with the threads of the screw sticking up. I loosened it a tad with pliers and was able to spin the hose clamp around so the screw head faces up.


I tightened it up and started the car. No more obvious thin film of fuel coming out.


Hopefully it is fixed for a while. GOOD LUCK.

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Had the same problem every time the temperature drops below about 10F. Tightened every clamp on the gas lines I could find and the gas smell went away. However, now I smell something like exhaust in the cabin for the first 30 secs on startup. I just put it on recirc and the problem goes away. The exhaust smell is slightly better than the gas smell....
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