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Bad sounds coming from my 2000 Legacy GT


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Here's a video of what's going on: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGxLkoVNsAE]2000 Subaru Legacy GT problems - YouTube[/ame]


Major information is in the description and video annotations. Some back story on what's happened so far with the car:


I got it used from Craigslist with some major work done such as new CV axles and the head gaskets. However this car is still riddled with problems.


It was brought to Midas for inspection and said they needed to replace the left rear strut, left side inner tie rod, and a new catalytic converter. For reasons beyond my control, Midas did that work.


After that work I heard that knocking sound, I thought it was the strut they had put in. I brought it back, and they said it needed a new left front axle seal and new oil pressure switch plus they said I needed new links and bushings and a new control arm. Again for reasons out of my control they did that work except the links, bushings, and control arm (I had told them not to do that, they already took enough of my money).


I took it to a mechanic I trust the other day for brake work and he said nothing looked wrong, including what Midas said was wrong.


So far everything has been pointing at a bad bearing. However I don't recall any of the sounds from the first portion of the video until after the first time I brought my car to Midas.


Side note: I need new tires, my rear ones have a fair amount of tread left, but my front ones are shot. I'm getting tires done sometime next week.

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