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Roof Cargo Carrier advice needed

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Looking to buy a roof mount cargo carrier to use for trips. Prefer to get a higher quality unit over a lower priced crapper. Thule and Yakima come to mind, but which specific ones are best for the money? Any other brands to consider? :confused:


Looking for around 15 cubic feet. I like the look of lower profile longer units, over bulky short ones.


School me please and provide links for anything worth buying. Thanks! :wub:

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Thanks. I just looked at a few Atlantis models and may end up with the 2100. Should be large enough for that I need.


Do you typically use the straps that came with yours to secure cargo inside the box?

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Ended up getting Thule Atlantis 2100 and the box is huge. Probably as much space as I will ever need. Thanks for your advice.


Here is a pic of it on the car... It is so big, the car flipped upside down.


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