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Rear Bumper Vents for 08-09

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hey guys sorry for such a simple questions but I did my research and cannot find the item anywhere. I had a 2005 legacy gt a few years back and remember seeing the rear bumper vents that go into the bumper and replace the red reflectors on 08-09 models. Now I recently purchased a 2009 legacy gt and I cannot find these anywhere. Does anyone know where I can purchase them?



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Japanparts.com offers them, but they do not fit the USDM rear bumper.



A few members here have tried to get them to fit, and it sounds like they just won't fit even if you modify them.


Another member was going to try to have a company fabricate some that would fit the USDM bumper, but that fell through unfortunately.



I don't think there is any way to get them without swapping out your rear bumper with a jdm bumper, and buying the vents from japanparts.

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