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Radiator bleeder screw thread stripped

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It seems I'm having the opposite problem of the other posts on here- instead of having a stripped screw, the receiving threads seem to be stripped so the bleeder screw will not tighten down properly. I tried taking the screw off of the other legacy and had the same issue.


It will snug down a little bit, but turning it again will just reset the screw. I can get it to where no coolant leaks out, but lately it has been working itself loose so a little coolant seeps out. It isn't enough to cause problems yet but I don't want it to get that far.


Is this a new radiator situation or is there another solution like a longer screw, slightly bigger screw, etc? I'd like to avoid JB Weld or something so I can still use the bleeder.


The radiator isn't even a year old but probably a combination of user error and overuse when I was having headgasket problems caused it to fail.

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I had the top of the bleeder screw break on my wagon. I was lucky enough to get it out and just put in a bolt. If you could find a bolt slightly bigger, it could work. Too big and it could crack the radiator. I would try a longer bolt before I went bigger. Good luck.
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how about this,


spray the plug with silicone or cooking spray,

goop some jbweld or the like on the threads, inside and out,

screw it in,

let is set.


maybe the jb will stick to the rad threads but not the plug threads.


or if the plug does not then thread out,

drill and thread the plug for a smaller bolt.


or just plug it up with jbweld,

let set up.

then drill and tap for a smaller bolt.


or heli-coil.


or ....

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