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what kind of gasket do i need?


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Just cut and changed my exhaust setup around


Went from catless with a magnaflow fart cannon


to a hi flow cat, + resonator borla exhaust, but I noticed no gasket came out of the flange of the catback.



my downpipe is 3" and my catback is 2.5"


This is a picture of the catback flange. The other flange is 3" pipe but the exact same bolt profile.



I can hear a whistle when getting on it so I believe its a leak from the flange. Have not torqued it down as I do not know the value and we haven't fully finished welding the tip and muffler hangers. test drove it only because its a school night and I needed to get home. :p


any input appreciated, first time ever changing exhaust components. (wasn't even expecting slip fit... :lol:)



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