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Group to help show support for the single license plate laws in MD


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Little group created to share information and help show the support for the bills to allow no front plate in Maryland.


Please join if you live in MD and spread the word.


The idea being that people will take the information and contact their local representatives and voice their support for these bills. I know we have hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts in Maryland. And that many people cannot be ignored.

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I don't see it happening, no matter the amount of enthusiast support.




Would certainly be nice, though.


Unless the police get on board, I agree.


It's a primary offense, which means it's just another excuse to pull somebody over.


I got stopped after going through the traffic circle in Towson around 1:00 am on a Sunday. There had apparently been some sort of festival earlier, so lots of cops and pedestrians out. I was on my way home from BWI. Cop was in front of me, he pulled to the side and let me pass, then pulled me over.


I got off with a warning, and I'm damn near 100% certain he was looking for drunk drivers. I had only recently bought the car, so my "I bought the car in PA, so it didn't come with a plate mount, and I'm waiting on the plate mount to come in from the dealership" story still worked.


A couple months after that, I got a ticket for the plate, after being pulled over for speeding. Can't complain too much about that, although I would've just gone to court, plead guilty, and almost certainly gotten probation before judgment, since I have a clean driving record. That was in June, I think, haven't had any issues since.

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