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Battery, Brake and Steering light on at the same time?

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Hi there,


I recently started up my 1996 Subaru Legacy GT and 3 lights appeared.


These lights were the battery light, brake light and Steering light.


However I drove it to and from work and everything was fine, no loss of power steering or anything.


However next time I drove the car with these lights still on I would indicate and the Rev and Speedo would flicker when I turned the indicator lever on?


Does this mean something electrical has gone wrong? e.g. with my alternator?


Any help would be most appreciated!

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Hah, think spool meant that cheers tends to be more of a UK/euro greeting or salutation, whatever it's considered.


The mention of a "steering" light is what got my attention. Quite curious to it's meaning, power steering sensor I imagine. Anyhow as far as the cause I agree with what was said, when multiple dash lights pop up it tends to be electrical related. (alternator or connectors/grounds) Not saying this is a guarantee, but the chances of all 3 systems having issues at the exact same time is a bit slim. Wouldn't hurt to check if it's throwing codes but electrical issues tend not to.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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