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Apologies if this list exists somewhere, but I was not able to find via search. I am trying to track down my idle issue, but am new to tuning. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of what each parameter's value should be for a stock LGT? (5EAT for those that matter). Seems like this might be a useful list to have.



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I can't tell you precisely some of these values right now. But what I can tell you is to monitor the roughness cylinder parameters. Select all four (one per cylinder). If all is well, you should get 0 for all of them at all time. If you see a few counts of misfires reccuring in the same cylinder, then it may be time to troubleshoot and could be related to your rough idle.


Also, pull an LV (learning view) and check your fuel trims. There are four of them and should all be +/-5%. If you see the first one (related to idle) really off, you may have a vaccum leak.

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