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05 legacy gt


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Hi everyone !


I had a lgt 2002 a couples years ago,and for real a loved that car,was just missing some ponnys.


And after 2 years in a escape 05 awd v6 something was missing.... Ah yes the third pedal lol


So after a month or research for a lgt in not to bad shape i found out one really clean 5 speeds.


Not a limited :( but shes in a better shape than the 2 others limited i went try.


So the car as 150 000km


It was -24c when i started the car so i had the chance to heard it on cold start,big suprise it was not knocking or the lifter was not making some crazy sound like we are use to with does engine,only after let it run 10min on idle i heard a little toc toc but i was not able to hear it when i was under the hood,only when i was listening under the car,it was coming like from the back lower part of the engine,i only heard it for 30sec never heard it again,even after my road test or restarting it.


So monday im gonna go make a leak down test,compression and check the shaft play of the turbo.


The car was running and pushing good.


I know that the timming belt and water pump was done at 104000km but dont know fot the tentioner.


Clutch was done last year,turbo changed by subaru 2 years ago.


Just need to run a full carfax on it.

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In engine oil choice what would you take ?? I read that mobile 1 was not the best in synthec

So the other choice we have here are penzoil,castrol edge,quaker state,royal purple,formula 1.


And over here in Quebec what grade should we put in those lgt ?

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I am not very fluent in subaru but on this forum i have read some people say mobil one synthetic is not good but I have also read others say mobil one is good so Im not sure on that as for filter I have been using for 4 years without a problem mobil one high capacity filters and mobil one full synthetic on my 02 LGT but then again that wasnt a turbo. Whatever oil you choose make sure its 5w-30 but in quebec you may want to use 0w-30 or 0w-40. just my 2cents. you may want to go over the threads and see what other more experienced users with turbo recommend.
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