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Bumper Clip Size

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How would i go about finding the hole size for the clip on the driver side closest to the door? any info would be very helpful. I think its a 10mm clip size but I want to be sure before purchasing. also anyone know a good place to purchase?


thanks in advanced

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Do you have a napa auto parts store anywhere near you? They have a great laminated book with physical hardware in them, so you can take an old clip with you and compare it with each one in the book.


Otherwise, I'm not 100% sure I know which clip you're referring to. can you take a picture of the location?

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I'm in the middle of an oil change and tired to get some pics for you. The pictures are of the popit circled in red, is this the right one? It's kinda hard to get a good close up while holding the pop it, but they should still give you a general idea of the size. I would try to get one that's around .5"-.6"/7" when snapped closed at the fat part, and around .25" or so when open. In my pictures its around .5" when opened, but I think thats because its still stretched out a bit from use and ideally should be a little smaller since they're a pain to get back in at the current opened size.






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Ok,thank you guys both for replies! This has been driving me crazy! Apexi: the exact clip I'm talking about is almost on the opposite side of the tire...it's the last clip that puts the front fender into the driver side front quarter panelhttp://j.mp/JXgwwh.


Now it looks like the one you have taken pictures of, my only problem is trying to find an exact 'hole size' (in mm measurement). I ordered a bag of some from eBay,they were 8mm hole size,too small,fell thru into behind the wheel well liner.


Now NRW: I've looked at that website and found this bumper clip. Says fits legacy 2006. But I've also found clips similar with both 7mm and 9mm saying they're compatible with my year and model.


I'm stuck.


Any more info/insight would be great guys

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Should be this one in nrw's link above:




If you just need a couple, stop by a body shop. It's a very common size. I buy them by the hundred.


I get mine from a local auveco rep, but they're cheaper online. auveco classifies them as "10mm honda/acura push type fastener".

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