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Not sure what to do. Help pls

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Hey guys, I've searched around, but can't find exactly the answer I'm looking for. Also, my first post :icon_wink


I'm from the small Caribbean island and I own a 2005 Subaru Legacy (Turbo) BP5, with the EJ20 engine. I like doing my own repairs, but I've come across something I can't seem to solve, so I'm coming to you guys and if you get a minute to answer me, that'll be great.


I had my fuel pump go bad and so I ordered a new one and I changed it. After that I started having hesitation issues, so I changed the spark plugs and checked/cleaned the injectors. Worked for a while and then it came back, but this time I'm burning a huge amount of fuel...and I mean alot of fuel. I did a scan today and got 3 codes..."P0261 Fuel Injector Circuit Low Input - #1", P0264 Fuel Injector Circuit Low Input - #2" and the other one was with regard to my bank 2 Cam sensor, which I noticed was leaking a little oil, so I'll change that part.


I did the obvious thing and switched the injectors around, 1 to 4 and 2 to 3. Cleared the codes and took it for a run. Scanned it again and the codes were back and pointing to the same cylinders. So injectors are fine, I think.


My question is, what do you think the issue is here? Could it be an electrical issue? Bad or missing ground or do you think it's something major?


Thanks so much

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Yup, it's exactly the same as the pump that came out. Purchased from the dealer. I can check the fuel pressure. What psi/bar should it be?


One of the connecting plugs to the injectors was broken, but still attached securely enough. I will change that as well, but it's at the #4 cylinder anyway and my codes are saying #1 and #2.


Thanks for the welcome and reply.

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The "low" signal is the electrical signal on the injectors, and the problem seems to be electrical to me. A problem with the power supply to the #1 and #2 injectors is possible.


With the ignition on there shall be 12V at one pin at each injector.


Look at the vacation pix too:


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