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Bandimere 1/4 inquiry


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For the members here that run at Bandi, what time and speeds have you run and what mods (especially turbo) did you have at the time?


Long story short, going to tear in to my build and make some changes. I feel 12s at altitude is an unaccomplished goal that I want to shoot for. The closest I've gotten is 13.1@105 in the Talon before I sold it. If I have to be honest, that is nagging me.


I was contemplating a GT3076r, it has good dyno numbers and hits like a hammer, but I know of a few people with lackluster 1/4 results with it.


Presently I only have one good run on the 16g, a 100deg day pump gas run at a low 14. I hotlapped it and welded the clutch to the flywheel on the next pass. Even on a cool day it doesn't feel 12s capable as is.


My thoughts:

* Switch to e85 and ID1000s

* Contemplate new turbo


By Legend's old turbo thread I don't know if an HTA68 would be a cost-effective upgrade.



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On HTA68 with full bolt ons, e85 tune, possibly winter tires, with an IIRC 2.4 0-60ft time I ran a 13.7. (It was my first time at the strip) I can guarantee if someone who was experienced at the strip was driving my car with better rubber and clutch/flywheel they would have easily been able to hit high 12s if not mid 12s.
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Thanks man, yeah fast times are often dependent on the 60 ft time whereas the traps are your power indicator. I think raping the car on launch could get a 1.7 60 ft for sure. That alone could drop a second off of your time. I worry about the transmission and clutch too much now though.


That's sort of cutting it close for my goals. When I ran a 13.1@105 in a past life I felt like I was raping the car terribly (5500 rpm clutch drop lined up in the groove, lowered tire pressures, 1.7 60 ft time) just to get super close to a 12 and couldn't eek out that last .2 seconds with driving.


Do you have the stock clutch? Do you have a porky Limited or is it the lighter non-Limited? What was your trap speed? 7cm or 8cm HTA68? What exhaust, intake and intercooler? 5 or 6 speed? Any suspension mods?


Sorry for all the questions. If I go through the trouble of changing my setup I want to bury myself deep in to the 12s without having to tweak every little thing to try and eek that last bit out of it.

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I was running the stock clutch at the time but swapped out afterward. Had a Ltd, don't recall my trap speed. It was 7cm housing IIRC. Below is a copy and paste of my mod list, I believe in my build thread I documented my experience at the strip in more detail. Its been 4 and a 1/2 years since I ran my LGT there, and 4 years now since I owned my LGT.



FP 68HTA running 21psi peak at a mile high


Perrin Catless Downpipe

Perrin Catback Exhaust

Perrin Modified 824cc Injectors

Perrin Inlet

Perrin EBCS

Maddad EL Header

IAG 3 bolt Uppipe flanged for EWG rerouted to DP

Tial 38mm WG V band

Walbro FP


GFB BPV w/ Soft Spring

Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 cable

One Step colder plugs

Infamous OS Pro-Tuned on E85



Cobb Front Sway Bar

Cobb Rear Sway Bar

Kartboy Front Endlinks

Karboy Rear Endlinks

Sti front Strut Bar

Ebay Rear Strut Bar

Racing Brake 2 piece Front Slotted Rotors

Racing Brake Rear Slotted Rotors

Hawk Street Pads



ACT HD Clutch

06 WRX Flywheel

Group-N Engine Mounts

Group-N Tranny Mount

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