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2010 2.5i H/K Non-nav wiring questions


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Hey guys, first post here and I haven't found information specific to my questions despite a lot of searching.


Background: I'm looking at replacing my stock head unit with an aftermarket unit, and I plan on doing everything myself. I know that I need to utilize line-level signals to the amp, and that user SVXdc makes some incredible harnesses for getting everything wired.


My main curiosity is to do with the multiple harnesses on the back of the radio. I want to make sure I do everything right the first time and that I don't lose any functionality.


I know there is a 20 pin harness for the main connections for audio and power and such. I also know there is a 24pin harness that receives signal from the aux input and an amp remote turn on signal. I also saw a harness that attaches to the satellite tuner (which doesn't work on aftermarket units), as well as a radio antenna. But there was another 8 pin harness that I can't honestly say I know what it does.


The stereo is the PE605U6 which is a 6 disc unit. I have attached an image of the back of the stereo with all harnesses removed. The satellite connected to the bottom most harness. The radio attached right above the brown wire that's bundled up. The 20 pin is the upper right, to the left is an output that isn't attached to a harness, then the 24 pin aux input, and on the upper left is the 8 pin harness that I do not remember reading about. Any information on what connections are there would be awesome. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/12/22/ubebepym.jpg

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8-pin is indeed for the factory mic.


You didn't mention the 12-pin socket (between the 24-pin and 20-pin sockets). That one is a mystery. I'm guessing it could be for some accessory only available in Japan.


The brown "pigtail" wire is the tel mute input, used with Subaru's "BlueConnect" accessory (or with an aftermarket cellphone car kit). It simply mutes the HU while your on a call.

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so that's what it looks like? Thank you for posting. I have a 2010 2.5i H/K as well and looking to replace the HU as well. Thanks for What kind of unit are you going to install?


do you have the write up on how to remove the stock radio?

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