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anyone have info on this lgt or know of it?


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I'm looking at buying a lgt and normally I don't look at ones that have been modified heavily but I found this one in New Jersey that intrigues me and I was wondering if anybody knew of it being that its so heavily modified.


the shop that built it is precision tuning motorsports in nj


Parts list as follows provided by the selling dealer also in nj.


GT30R setup with frontmountintercooler(422awhp/447awtw) 44mm Tial external dumped meth injection Cobb AP V2 (with launch control and flat foot shifting) reversed intake all supporting mods: fuel pump/injectors/rails etc Worx Tuning crank pulley Clutchmasters twin disc clutch and lightweight flywheel Auto Speed catback Cobb dual adjustable short shift kit Worx Tuning lowering springs Worx tuning front and rear sway bars Racing Brake oversized


Racing Brake rear roters 290mm, Hawk pads Roxkford Fosgate 3sixty.2 processors 10" Boston sub fiberclass enclosures Elemental Designs interior components Remote start pager alarm ---------------------------------------


On 3/22 of this year the followingwasalsorepaired/installed


Timing belt tensioner Timing belt idler, Large and Small smooth Coolant Service Waterpump, sti Waterpump Gasket, Sti Thermostat and Gasket 99.5 Forged Pistons Manley Turbo Tuff rods ACL race bearings Subby goo OEM Subaru OEM pump 119 head studs Regular LOF OEM STI crank Machine shop sleeving Machine heads/block Pull motor/dress and install motor OEM Block halfs OEM gasket kit non stretch timing belt Front 02 sensor Wurth Zebra clamp small and large 3ft 7/32 hose Tru-Boost Transmission and differential service Vibrant 2 bolt gasket 3"


this seller told me that the original owner was young could not afford to pay payments on the car anymore which I could see happening so I tend to believe it but I want to try and get some background on this car before I even consider it as an option so if anybody has ever seen it or knows anything about it please let me know.

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What year is the LGT? Color? Pics or link to the ad?


-Mike Paisan



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