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Audi s6 5.2 V10

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Anyone have any experience with these, im contemplating on getting one next year if i could sell my legacy, Any idea how the compare performance wise? i know they are a big heavy luxo barge but still a respectable 430hp and that sweet v10 sound, that would do for me!


This one has caught my eye:



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These are definitely cool cars. I would scrutinize gas mileage, maintenance costs and insurance costs before pulling the trigger.


I dont think you buy a 5.2 V10 and worry about gas mileage, you would simply cry yourself to sleep! when tank is empty, fill it up, drive and enjoy! Insurance is similar and maintenance costs are probably less than legacy given my location and current legacy model


430HP seems awfully lame given that it's an S-line Audi. Both BMW and MB beat that with similar operating costs.


There is nothing from BMW or MB in my price range that i would consider, i was told to steer well clear from M5 models by local owners that refer to them as money pits! RS6 would be more on par with the performance BMW's but out of my price range. Im in Ireland so options are limited, larged cc cars are rare in general with 90% of new cars only being offered in diesel variants, so its rare for cars like these to pop up on the market with low mileage and good service history.


Its still only an idea, but all suggestions are welcome!

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I think that it is cheaper to maintain German cars in Europe than it is here in the states, since there is greater access to used/aftermarket parts and various service shops. However, with a rare car like this, proper expertise, as well as parts will cost you more.


Oil changes alone will be at least double of what it costs you now, as it needs 10L of oil. Plugs and coils (mainly, and there was a campaign to replace them) tend to go bad on these, so be prepared for the expense of them x10. Brakes, especially rotors, are quite pricey, and these cars eat them both when driven hard (front OEM pads can be as much as $400 per set, as they are massive!). The tires will be expensive to replace, especially in Europe. You need two replacement air filters each time you swap them.


The vast majority of the S6 and S8 V10 engines are mechanically pretty bulletproof, so as long as you have fresh oil in it, it should last. In an instance of the engine burning oil (not as rare of an occurance as it ought to be), a replacement motor with labor can cost as much as your purchase price for this car. Carbon build up due to direct injection and permanent lean conditions can affect performance and will be a bitch to mend. So it is a gamble. I'd have an oil analysis done first, to see the stage of wear on the car. And check with Audi dealer on service records and warranty work. They are really good at noting issues that were discivered in their database. If you see blue smoke during a test drive, either at startup or during shifts, don't walk away... RUN!


It is not uncommon to spend $3-4k on a major service, incl tires...


Make sure ALL electrical and convenience systems work, otherwise you'll either have to live with them not functioning, or spend a $hit ton (metric) to replace them.


Some complain about the suspension being too rough, while others say the tranny is not smooth around town. A test drive will give you an idea if both are acceptable to you.


If your wallet can handle the costs of owning a VERY expensive and unique car (upkeep cost is the reason why these are fairly affordable used) then I'd say go for it. I had a couple of Audis and both were reliable, but none were super cars like this one. My two-out-of-three turbo Subarus were not nearly as problem free. I hear plenty of horror stories from others online about 4ring reliability, but my experience was very positive. And I really like the interior of this vintage S6. A torque monster with an amazing V10 sound. Sport mode tranny setting make the car come alive, as D is designed for max mileage.

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And, if I were you, and wanted a quick Audi wagon, I'd go for 2009 A6 3.0T and chip it. It will be as quick, or quicker than the S6, the supercharger makes it sound badass, and it will be without the skyhigh ownership cost and with less potential headaches. It will also be easier to sell once you pile on the miles and try to get rid of it in the future...
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Stupid mac crashed just as i had a big reply typed out! Anyway, second time so:


One of the guys in work has one and he hasnt had any major problems with his so far, the odd o2 sensor, one or two coil packs, (all replaced under recall by audi already) Discs are not crazy expensive or pads, same money as my legacy setup give or take. Carbon build up is not much of an issue over here due to the higher quality fuel. Maybe parts are cheaper over here since its a german car and shares a lot of parts with the normal a6.


I have read some good reviews on the 3.0T A6 but it was never sold in Ireland and they are probably rarer than the S6's as a result. 2009 3.0T from UK is same money as 2008 S6 give or take 1-2k Insurance will be similar to my legacy and you can get about 20mpg on average so not too far of my 23 mpg legacy. A lot of the little issues like coilpacks, spark plugs carbon clean etc would be DIY stuff for me aswell as discs and pad replacement, oil and filters to i can do myself.


I drove my colleagues one and it drives very nice, auto box, beautiful sound and the comfort and build quality leaves the legacy miles behind. Suspension is firm but more comfortable than my legacy, no DRC or that stuff that can brake. It maybe the kind of car you only keep for a year or two then sell on but at least you have a big comfy luxo barge to enjoy in the mean time that is kind of a sleeper and leaves most others cars around for dead.


My boss said his maybe up for sale in the new year if a car he is after comes up for grabs so i might get a pretty good bargain if i play my cards right! decisions decisions!

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Do you need a wagon or awd?


I would go for a E39 M5.


Too old, most are high mileage at this point. I dont "need" a wagon but im not fussy on wagon or sedan, maybe more room for hauling stuff in a wagon. AWD if preferable

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