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Bbs ch-r


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I found a good deal on some 18" BBS ch-r wheels and tires with under 3k miles. I would like to put them on my spec B that is lowered 1".


I have a few concerns with this setup.

1. Will they clear my brembos? ( I think so)

2. Will I end up rubbing? ( 18" x8" ET 38 with 235/40r18 tires)

3. Will they stick out past my fenders?


I have bbs replicas on now with a 48 offset (everything else is the same) and they barely clear the brembos. They also are flush with the fenders in the front and a little in on the back. The replicas are 29 lbs each and the bbs wheels are 20. I could really use the savings but I don't want run into issues.

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So since no replied to this then I guess I will.


I bought the rims anyway because I loved the way they look and couldn't pass up the deal.

Answers to my questions.

1. No they will not clear the brembos. Going to need at least a 2mm spacer.

2. They look like they will rub so I will be rolling my fenders. I have not been on a test drive yet.

3. They do stick out past the fenders in the front only.



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