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ATF fluid leaking in cold temperatures?


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So I noticed a small red puddle (ATF fluid?) under my 2.5i (4EAT) the other day when the temperature outside dipped below zero. I know that it hasn't been leaking up until this drop in temperature. The only thing that has changed is that the weather here in Colorado has dipped to below freezing for the past few days.


The interesting part is that I parked the car in a heated garage last night and there were no signs of leakage in the morning. Is there anything that could cause this leak specifically related to the frigid temperature? Thanks.

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Can you tell from the spot on the ground about from where it dripped?


Most likely culprit I'll say is where a rubber line clamps to a metal line or nipple, a slightly loose clamp.


There were fuel lines for a few years where this happened, why not trans lines...

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