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1997 Legacy GT Motor Problems

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Weather Conditions: 0 degrees fahrenheit. Temperature overnight was -20 degrees fahrenheit. Temperature has not been over 10 degrees fahrenheit for the last 5 days. Snowed 4 inches three days ago.

Oil: Shell Rotella T6 5W-40.

Motor: Stock EJ25D

Transmission: 4EAT

Last drive: No weird noises. Shut down completely normal.

Problem: Started motor, noise like piston slap grew gradually louder. Noise focused on cylinder 4. Car fully warm, noise continued to get louder, engine struggled to stay running. Shut down car in fear of breaking something else

Any thoughts?

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Could be a collapsed hydraulic lifter? (I believe your engine has hydraulics) I had an old six cylinder Ford years ago that developed a loud valve noise after starting it up at 10 below one morning, and that's what the problem was.
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