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PCV/Breather hoses-Perrin intake install

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Hello. Found that my original intake is shot on the turbo side so I thought might as well replace it now while upgrading turbos. Total PITA on this car! At 100k miles as you could probly guess pretty much all of the hoses going to the intake have turned to plastic. I ended up snapping both drivers side breather hoses getting them out of the way, and the pcv hose is also like plastic so I doubt I'll be able to get a good seal/fit with the new intake. I found a new PCV hose/assembly for $30 at fredbeans, but still need the breather hoses.


So my ? is will I need to go to the dealer, or does anybody know of a good sight with diagram to order new factory formed hoses...? I know I may be able to get away with just regular hose but the factory's seem to be formed so I want to keep them that way so they don't kink off.



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