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Condensation after HID install


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Just put in HID's over Thanksgiving weekend in the low beams. Washed the engine bay today with some degreaser and a hose nozzle. Then shut the hood and ran the car to dry the engine while I washed the rest of the car.


I'm assuming I made a hot rock sauna out of my engine bay and condensation slipped past the rubber grommets for the HID's. Should I be worried? Take them out and bake them? Put in silica gel packs? Leave them in the sun? Or just ignore it and in a weeks time the water evaporate?


Thanks for the input ahead of time.


- Matt

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I had mine fog up real bad and looked up a bunch of solutions, went to try a couple the next day and they cleared up. If it gets bad again I'll probably reseal them, bought some black sealant awhile ago incase I botched opening my lights for the first time.
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