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Winter wheels installed, rubs in the rear?


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Just put on some cheap winter wheels that are supposed to be 17x7.5 +40, and it seems to be rubbing in the rear when I hit bumps. My 05 LGT is at stock height.


Should I just get some thin spacers? I'd rather not have to do extended lugs or anything, so what is a safe size? 6mm or 12mm? The fronts seem to be fine, but would I need spacers all around, or can I use them just in the back?


Any help would be appreciated.


Pic of the back of the wheel:



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what's the tire size?

where is it rubbing? if it's hitting the top of the fender/quarter panel, spacer won't help


max spacer size on stock studs should be 7mm, but some people run up to 10mm...

you can put 1 spacer if you wish, but it's not required in sets, hence why spacers are sold in pairs.

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