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Looking for some advice on next round of mods

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Hi Guys,


I'm looking for some advice as to what mod's I should be looking at for my stage 3 setup. I'm leaning towards a stock location TD06-20g type setup. But I'm open to suggestions. I don't have a specific target goal persay, I know I just want MOAR. Ideally i'd like to do this on the stock block.

The vehicle in question is a 05 Outback XT, and it currently has the following mods installed:


3" downpipe mated to the oem catback exhaust

Cobb SF intake

Grimmspeed EBCS

Grimmspeed Up-pipe w/ 44mm tial ewg dumping to atmosphere


Cobb AP

DW65C fuel pump

DW740 cc injectors


I made 232awhp and ~260ft.lbs @ 3500' asl on a dyno dynamics dyno with this setup incase your wondering. Tuned by airboy


Here is my little list I've come up with so far, feel free to chime with your thoughts/suggestions.


Bypass valve of some sort. (GFB unit maybe??)

EL headers

Clutch?? (is it necessary?)

AOS (grimmspeed one won't cut it as I live in sub-polar climate, i'm thinking Crawford perfomance's AOS)

turbo blanket + heatshield

Misc hoses (TB to TMIC hose, turbo inlet hose)



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Im not sure if you have done it yet but a few mods I did that I love are the driveline mounts. Sti motor and tranny mounts with kartboy trans crossmember bushings, whiteline rear diff outrigger bushings and whiteline rear diff mount in cradle bushings. Made a big difference putting power to the ground and it wasn't super expensive. Another good mount is the Pitch stop mount. There was an increase in noise but I personally love the sound. Can hear the gears wind up in the tranny, plus the diff mounts will prevent your diff from slopping around. :)
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