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Got rear ended at 5-8mph. Questions about bending back metal tabs holding bumper.


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Hey guys, I just got rear ended by my buddy, but I'm not having him pay for anything because he already has enough on his plate. I already bought an oem bumper skin for 250 from the dealership and I still need to order the metal retainers L brackets that hold the bottom of the bumper near the diffuser area (if someone can help me out with the L shaped retainer bracket and plastic push pin clip part numbers id appreciate it). Anyhow the damage is small, the bumper got dinged, cut and etc, but my concern was when I looked under, attached to the frame were these 2 tabs that looked like they were supposed to be pointed outwards which had 2 holes to hold the bottom of the bumper up next to the tow hook and they were folded bent in. I was just wondering if these tabs were supposed to be pointed straight out or angled a little. If anyone already has their rear bumper off and tell me or could take a picture for me and show me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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