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Key fob? Or worse?

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Hi all,


Here's the story. A few weeks ago my key fob stopped working. The night before it died it took a few extra pushes to get it to unlock, then it was flat dead the next morning.


Bought new battery. Still didn't work. Reprogrammed fob into car. Still didn't work. Bought new fob, gave it the new battery, programmed new fob into car. Still nothing.


I'm pretty sure I've programmed it correctly, as the doors cycle lock/unlock when programming is complete, which is the signal for positive entry [Pg. 2-21, owners manual]


Today, while going through the owners manual, I noticed several things:

1) Key fobs do not work with key in the ignition. (My key is always out during the attempts)

2) Pressing the lock button on the drivers door with the door open AND the key still in the ignition will cause the doors to unlock themselves. [Pg. 2-11, owners manual]


I thought this was odd because ever since my fob died, I've been unable to lock the doors (by getting out of the car and hitting the lock button) without them unlocking themselves. At first I thought it may have been part of the fob dying (safety feature?), but after reading the two points mentioned above, I'm thinking that my vehicle may be stuck in "key in ignition" mode.


Is this even possible? Any advice is appreciated. I'm at my wits end.

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This post describes my issue quite well.


lockmedic, I'll go open the door and listen for a chime. I'll also try the suggestions listen in the above thread.


Update: yup, chime is definitely present without key in ignition. I think it is safe to assume that this is my issue.


For any future forum visitors with the same issue:

Temporary solution: here

Potential DIY fix: here

Real fix: dealership and many $

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Just had the same issue. was driving me crazy trying to figure out what it was. Thankfully I finally found this. I was able to fix mine by just moving the key around in the ignition a little and taking it out again.
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