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ABS speed sensor problem


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So, my cars ABS light is on, and I did the diagnoses for the car and it gave me: C0102, C0108, and C0111. I found the chart and this is what the codes mean:

C0102: ABS wheel speed sensor malfunction(Broken wire, short) Rear ABS wheel speed sensor LH

C0108: ABS wheel speed sensor malfunction(ABS wheel speed sensor abnormal signal) Abnormal signal of front ABS wheel speed sensor LH

C0111: Motor/motor relay on failure


So I get that the first two (c0102 and c0108) mean that the front and rear left side sensors are acting up. Does that mean I should just get them both replaced? And what exactly does the code for C0111 mean?



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I would start with investigating the C0111 code. Check all fuses and connectors. It may be that there is a power failure or a problem with the ABS unit itself, and that the C0102 and C0108 are secondary failures.


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