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I have an '06 LGT sedan, and I was looking to purchase a pair of subs and an amp off a friend. The amp is a 1200 watt Acoustik Fire and Ice. I'm not sure about the subs, but I'm more concerned about the amp.


The previous owner of my car had switched the whole radio and climate control system to an 07 cluster. I'm not sure how this changes anything, or what modifications I would need to make. Does anyone know if this system would require extensive modifications/wiring? I have a friend who can help with wiring and setting up the subs, but I would like to know if the amp is a pain first.


Any help is appreciated. I am probably the most clueless person you will ever meet when it comes to audio, so forgive me if these are stupid questions.

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There's a couple ways to make it happen. The cheaper way is to use line-out converters to tap into the stereo's speaker wires. That'll provide your RCA signal to the amp.


The other option is to get a processor of some sort like a JL Cleansweep, JBL MS-8, or something similar. Then you'd run your speaker wires from the radio to that, which will convert them to RCA signals for your amp.


In the end, it doesn't need to require any more mods/wiring than adding subs to most other factory stereos.

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I think I have a blown speaker or actually positive cause it sounds real bad, but only at times once in a while its okay. It is the back left side. I am wondering if its okay to just replace that one specific stereo and what is the stock stereo system of a Legacy gt 2005? As well as how much would this cost me for installation as well as stereo replacement? thanks a lot
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