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Help I have boost problems

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Hi everyone I am new to the forum and wondering if anyone can help me. I have a 94 Subaru Legacy Rs Twin Turbo which was imported from Japan to New Zealand then to Australia. It has a Mines ecu in it that WAS boosting 16psi, now for some reason its only boosting 12 to 13psi on the primary turbo then drops off to only 5psi on the secondary turbo.


I am hoping its an easy fix oh and it is not displaying the check engine light at all it just feels like its boosting ok then just dies off like its a non turbo all of a sudden.


Hoping someone out there can help and point me in the right direction


Thanks Alastair

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Boost leak or vacuum leak probably. Check the intercooler to throttle body connection, turbo inlets, all vacuum lines, etc. maybe the wastegate connection has a leak? Tighten all the connections.


I've never seen a twin turbo in the states but that black box in the bay with all the lines going to it is pretty important for everything to work properly. Check all of those little hoses for sure.


Do you have a manual boost controller installed?

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