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Out with the old, in with the new

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I started my Subaru journey about 2 years ago. I bought this Subaru Legacy LS sedan for $500.00.




She drove STRONG for 2 whole years, until I got in an accident recently that put her on the shelf




With 238,000 miles, a failed safety rejection sticker, and an assortment of other issues, it was time to retire her. I sold her as parts for $300.00


Here's my new girl. A 2000 Subaru Legacy GT. 226,00 miles. All she needs is an oil change, a new windshield, and a wheel balance.




I got it for $1,000.00. The power of Craigslist.


Very excited to put some money into her and make her look and drive killer. Seeing all these gnarly Subaru's on here makes me jealous!

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