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Looking at 2 new deck's need opinion's.


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Ok factory deck is starting to crap out.My car is an 07 without integrated hvac controls(thank god).I'm looking at a Kenwood DDX370 and A Pioneer AVH-x3500BHS.I want the DVD feature because I have kids and can run other screens off of the main deck.I don't need Bluetooth so that is not a concern.Anyone have any input on either of these decks?Also I have upgraded all the factory speakers already and have a 10"sub.I have dedicated amps for the sub and one for the other speakers.Thanks for any help.
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You can buy which ever is A) Cheaper or B) Prettier to look at and enjoyable to use.

Make sure you buy somewhere with a good warranty/return policy.


Screen specs seem to be the same..


The Pioneer has a 8band eq... Kenwood only 3band..


The Pioneer has only 2v preouts and the Kenwood has 4v but that has never made a difference other than setting Amp Gains. Both has 6 channel preouts.


Pioneer comes with a wireless remote thats a bonus for the kids?

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