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Bull Bar/ Light Bar


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Custom... Every bolt point is the right bolt point when you build it or get it fab'd for you.







Custom light bar mounted to bumper beam. Removable by 4 bolts, I leave the brackets on the bumper beam. If I wanted to take them off I pull the skin off and pull the brackets off. Only four holes in the bumper beam and back to looking stock. Red boxes are the four bolts holding the plates to the bumper beam. Yellow boxes are the plates themselves. I can literally stand on the light bar, the whole front end drops when I stand on it.


You can see them here when they got rusty due to quick install and poor painting. The first year was a rush job. Not anymore though.





I have a custom skid plate as well. You also have the option to get a skid plate and bolt the light bar to that. Come up from under the bumper to sit where you want it on the front of the car. That way you don't have to mess with the bumper or mounting points at all, just drill some new ones in the skid plate.


Many many many options.

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