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97GT Vacuum Help!

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I have a vacuum hose on the pass side of engine compartment that I do not know where it goes. Can someone point me in the right direction or possibly post a pic of the 97 GT vacuum diagram so I can follow it?






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Mine conects to T looking conector on the same line as the fillter on yr first pic


Correct. That line should connect to a "T", but it will then split into the evap system stuff. One side to the purge solenoid and the other line to the canister. Check for the T at the back of the intake, it should be around where the filter is on the other vac line.


Good luck.

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what are the circumstances, engine swap?

head gaskets?


use the diagram posted above and find all of the components.

then look for an open nipple.

unless you swapped in a different engine, it is there somewhere on the intake or under it.


and it can't be too far since it is only so long.

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