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Broken caliper hanger bolts....HELP!!!

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the caliper bracket bolts go through the knuckle housing and thread into the bracket.

this means you should be able to remove the other bolt and the bracket will come off, maybe.

(i guess if the head popped off the bolt and left most of the bolt it may not.)

then you can either drill it out ,

or replace the bracket and the bolt.


if that does not work, buy a replacement knuckle / brake caliper assembly from

www.car-part.com .

put in your zip to see what is close, then sort by price to see what is cheap.

if you have to ship it in, buy from a NO RUST state.


tip. make sure you are turning it counter-clockwise when trying to remove the bolt.

because it bolts in from the back side, it can be confusing.

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