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How to reduce Drivetrain looseness? 05 LGT 5EAT Stage 2

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So, recently noticed a lot of engine+transmission movement while accelerating at high speeds and (when at lower speeds) while letting off gas.


What would be the best bang for buck to replace first? Pitch stop, motor mounts or 5EAT trans mount?


Also, what are the best brands out there? I have heard some brands give a lot of NVH and considering my 800 kms/week travels I think I will refrain for the race like bushings/mounts.



Thanks (And I did do a search before, but in this case got more confused with what I read)

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I'd diagnose what is actually loose, or worn out, before you throw cash only at the tranny mount/insert.


My pitch stop was loose (Subaru one is weak, yet designed to avoid the NVH of upgrades).


I currently have the Group N STi pitch stop. Then I added the Group N STi motor mounts when my motor was done and the Rallitek "Street" insert at the same time.


I probably should've gone with the Rallitek "Race" insert, except that I already don't like the NVH of my wagon (exhaust noise is #1 that is daily driven 60 miles).


Lift your hood and with foot on brake and when the E-brake is locked in place: shift from park to drive, to reverse, back to drive. If your motor shifts in place, look to motor mounts/and/or pitchstop first (likely pitchstop as it is the smallest/weakest part).


Good luck!

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Thanks guys for a better way of daignosing the problem; and also for directing me to the rallitek insert. I had heard a lot about it but could never find it on their website.


I will try going in steps to eliminate the cause, starting with the pitch stop as it holds the drivetrain in place.


Will keep posting the results.

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Google "group N mount" or go to one of our vendors here and they will give you some options. Actually there is an insert you can buy to stiffen it up without making it too rigid and making unwanted noise and vibration.




ck those out


Will these fit in Legacys?

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Could you please elaborate with more info?


The driveshaft hanger bushing is basically a folded strip of rubber that centers the driveshaft.


It's a sideways U of rubber. I filled the U with polyurethane of the 3M "Windo-Weld" variety.


It needs about 3-5 days to fully cure, but I reinstalled the drive shaft after about 6 hours.

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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