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Audi A4 or Cadillac CTS

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With my Spec B targeted to sell tomorrow i've been looking into stepping into a more entry level luxory sedan and have narrowed it down to a


08 or 09 Cadillac CTS AWD with the Direct inject motor


or a 08 or 09 Audi A4 premium with the 2.0 turbro


Anybody own either of these and care to chime in? Any personal opinion on either?

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I love Audis... Cadillacs are a hit or miss for style.. but have always caused me headaches with weird electronics etc (no I don't own them, but a few family members always bring them by with issues mostly that I would have to direct them to dealers).


Owning two audi's myself they are also not perfect with some quirky electronics etc. most solutions can be found on audi forums however. My father bought a 2011 A4 turbo and so far has no complaints, although he misses a few features that his BMW had..


What is your ultimate goal for the car.. just to have as a nice sport luxury? Modding? Fitting car seats etc? ;)

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