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Going from 08STi to Legacy GT and want to keep wheels/tires


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Hi All,

I’m newish to Legacy GT but have had 4 Subaru’s --2 87’ GL10 Turbos, 91 Legacy Turbo and I currently have an 08 STi. I’m looking to get into an 05 Legacy GT Wagon and would love to be able to keep the wheels and tires off my STi. Now the question is will they fit?


My setup plan is:

• AST 4100 coilovers so I should gain clearance there

• Project Kics 5x100 to 5x114.3 10mm adaptors


Summer wheels are:

Advan RS 18x8.5 50mm offset (40mm with adaptors) with 245/40 18 tires


Winter wheels:

Drag DR31 17x8 47mm offset with 225/50 17 (These have both 5x100 and 5x114 drillings so don’t HAVE to run the adapters)


I know the tires are quite a bit bigger than a Legacy GT’s but think they are close enough to fit without to much rubbing? I don’t mind rolling the fenders a bit. My main concern is will adding the extra 10mm spacer make the summer wheels stick to far out? I don’t want to have to run crazy camber to make things work.


Thanks all!

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With a +40, you might need to roll the fenders. You should be OK on the strut side, especially with coilovers.


Make sure to install the spacers correctly, and you should be fine. I've never seen the PK one's, but I know people have had good luck with another brand (Scooby2.5, I think, runs OEM 08+ STI wheels on his wagon).

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Cool, thanks! I'm at least going to give it a shot. Was just worried the wheel would stick out to far/tires would be to big and I'd have to do some work to insure it didn't rub to bad. Sounds like it'll work though -which is awesome, I have almost brand new summer tires, this makes the transition from STi that much easier.


I'm not to worried about the spacers/adapters. Ideal- no, but I have something very similar on my prerunner and it lasted through prerunning the baja 1k!

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