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96 Outback - Doors will power lock, but not unlock??

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So, I don't have keyless entry and I noticed that my power door locks only work when I lock the car. Power seems like its going to all the actuators and working fine. But when I try to power unlock the doors (by manually flipping the switch from the inner door panel) nothing happens.


I took the lock actuator apart and it seems like there is a small switch that is mechanically flipped by the lock actuator (which is manipulated by different rods coming from the door, lock cylinder, and door handle), and it seems like the switch is "on" when the doors are supposed to be unlocked. The lock happens when you break the circuit.


I'm assuming since there is an electrical signal going to the other door locks during the lock, the wiring is okay. But when the switch is ON, why isn't the signal being brought back to the other locks to unlock?


Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there something else that decides when to lock and unlock the other doors? Any help would be great!

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when you hit unlock to you hear a click or anything under the dash? do the door locks try to unlock, but don't? most door lock systems are reverse polarity. the switch usually rests at ground. its possible a wire is grounded. have you changed anything in the vehicle lately? new door speakers?
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