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93 legacy sedan Cooling system question

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Hi I have a problem that has me wondering what might be going on. I am not new to cooling systems but have never had one do this before. I was driving and noticed the car was getting a little warmer than usual so i pulled over and noticed a leak coming from under the car. It appeared to be coming from above the oil pan leaking between the oil pan and the return cooling hose. I was a long way from home so I bought some cooling system stop leak to get me home. I put it in topped off the coolant and drove home in which the temp was normal again. I left the car running got out and look and the leak had went away, so turned it off and went inside for a few hours to let the engine cool down before investigating. As soon as I walked out I looked under the car and no leak, then when I took the radiator cap off the leak immediately started again. So I started the car and the leak stopped, then i took cap off again and the leak started again. I want to add the car has never overheated at anytime today, or since I have owned the car for ten years now. I did notice the coolant looked like it had some rust in it when leaking on the ground. Has anyone ever had this problem and what was the fix, and could maybe rust in the radiator coolant cause a problem like this? Thanks in advance
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