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Spring suggestions for auto x on bilstiens


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Ok so I've been doing my research and I'm pretty much set on sending out the spec b bilstiens I have to be rebuild to HD specs, but where I'm torn is what spring to use. The car is mostly a DD but I like to drive it hard I'm just starting to get into auto x. I have stock gt struts and h&r springs and it's deffinately the weak point In My suspension.




Or other?

Would love to hear from anyone who has any of these or uses thier car on the track.

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225 hankooks on stock rims for the moment


Hankook Rs-3's? If these arent the hankooks you have than your tire isnt good enough. start there first.


also changing you spring will put you out of stock class and in to STX, unless you have power mods which will put you in to ESP.


assuming you are fine with all this, the best spring will be the one with the highest spring rate, with medium lowering. Too low and you are on the bump stops and handle like crap. IIRC Pinks or Swifts have the highest rates, but you should double check.


FYI, the bilstein HD's aren't the best for autox. you will have better performance with Koni's but if you have your heart set on the bils, then that's better than nothing.

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^im right there with you man. Vf52 powered.soooo street mod it is for me.


I'm planing on going with bigger wheel/ tire combo this fall and I will deff be looking into the rs3s.

Yeah I know the konis are better but I have the bils. Mayyyyy sell them and pick up some konis. Idk yet.

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I kinda feel that way too some days. Well since I'm already in street mod I can get my hands on a set of isc coilovers dirt cheap? Or just liquidate everything and go koni-swift/pinks
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I would use your HRs with konis because you already have them. then get rear sway bar and tires. Depending on your budget go for whiteline lower control arm bushings too. Stay away from cheap coilovers. To answer your original questions I believe pinks match the best with bils.


Whitetiger probably would have better advice then me


Edit: seat time is the best thing you can do if your just starting

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