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Touch up paint blobs

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The previous owner of my car repaired several stone chips near the front edge of the hood. They used the correct Subaru DGM touch up paint and gave me the bottle when I bought the car. My issue is that they didn't do a very good job, and the repairs are basically blobs. When the car is clean and in the sun, I can see the blobs, and because of the metallic nature of the paint they really stand out.


Do detailing shops fix this kind of thing? What should I expect to pay?

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I'm not sure about a detail shop, but I'm sure a body shop would know how to do it. Around here the detail shops are not staffed by the most knowledgeable of people. They might have heard of wet sanding, but they don't actually know how to do it. Peaceful Earl is right about what needs to be done, though. They need to be sanded down and then the area needs to be polished. That is assuming the paint isn't just going to fall out due to sloppy prep anyway. If they didn't know how to keep the paint from being a blobby mess, then I can't assume they knew to wipe the area with alcohol first or any other proper touch up step.


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Great DIY job.

-Go to autozone get 3000 grit wet/dry finishing paper. Soak it in a bucket for about 20min. Keep area to be repaired wet while working with a spray bottle.

-For raised paint blobs sand up and down over it then left to right. (not circular) once flush with clear coat surface stop sanding.


-Work across the scratched area not with it. (going with it will only create a focused/ grooved area and make it worse) level the scratch until gone or significantly reduced.


Then Polish lustre back into sanded area using a compound like SSR2 or 2.5 and then finish polish with ProPolish. Top off with wax.

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